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Current active provinces and expanding to national footprint

The states that we currently service.

Save up to 20% on your solar system.

We have negotiated best pricing with leading product suppliers so that you get the best deal on the right technology.

A growing network of vetted solar installers.

We are building a national network of solar installers that you can rely on.

A network of 200+ clients.

We provide the best in-class customer experience to make your solar journey as simple as possible.

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Why use hohm?

Solar providers

Say goodbye to load shedding today, by filling in an non-obligatory solar quote that is ready in 5 minutes.

Google search with no assurance.

Hohm Energy is a solar panels company that helps you navigate your solar journey

3-10 days proposal lead time.

Hohm provides power solutions by using Sun solar systems that are sustainable.

Need for oversight.

Get a personalised custom solar energy quote in just 5 minutes

Long manual process.

Not sure about solar installation cost? Hohm Energy assists you on your solar journey every step of the way. Compare prices and see what cost solutions suit you best.

Cumbersome to get best price.

Do it yourself

Hohm Energy provides only the best accredited solar installers and experts to ensure your solar journey is seamless and hassle free.

Slow process.

Hohm Energy provides expert advice through accredited solar installers

Engineering heavy with steep learning curve.

Hohm Energy is fully compliant and only provides you with the best solar solutions

You run risk with compliance.

Don't get caught up in solar information overload. Hohm Energy makes your journey into solar power hassle free.

Cheap option high administration.

Generate your custom solar quote in only 5 minutes. With just a few clicks you can find out what the best solar solution is for you.

Long lead times.

Looking for solar system power cost? Hohm Energy can give you a no-obligation solar proposal in a couple of clicks.
Looking for a sustainable power solution for your home? Go solar for your house today through Hohm Energy

Get your custom option online. No sales calls.

Hohm provides solar solutions for solar power for homes across South Africa

Let us manage everything.

Hohm Energy matches you with the best solar installers in your area. Who are the best solar installers near me? Fill in your non-obligatory quote and find out.

Transparent & best pricing.

Hohm Enegry provides solar panel solutions that suits your specific needs.

Fast process end-to-end.

Wondering how much does an off grid solar system cost? Hohm Energy provides cost effective solar solutions that suits your specific needs in only 5 minutes.

Quality installation.

Generate your proposal in minutes and without having to deal with a sales person.

Hohm uses technology to provide the most efficient, convenient & seamless solar-purchase experience.

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Save money and help fight climate change

Bringing the solar revolution Hohm.

Save money on your energy bill by generating your own energy from the sun.

Produce energy from the sun and reduce your CO₂ emissions.

Add battery storage and gain your ultimate energy independence.

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Enjoy Your Energy Freedom

Hassle-free solar with hohm.

Going solar can be daunting. Hohm coordinates all the stakeholders using our managed marketplace so you don’t need to worry about which solar installer to trust, which product combination is the best fit for your needs, and how to structure the most suitable finance option to meet your budget.

Faster times

Up to 70% faster turn around time.

Great value

Matching your needs at the best price.

Quality control

Quality control every step of the way.

Want to save time and money? With Hohm Energy's efficient technology you can start your solar journey hassle free and also 70% faster than if you started with any other solar provider.

Where we shine.

Hohm is up to 70% faster than traditional solar options, saving you time and money.

Comparison between Hohm and other methods

Solar journey milestones

Initial proposal

Final proposal & design

Finance structuring & approval

Installation & handover

Maintenance plan

Traditional  providers

3 - 10 days from call/visit

3 - 10 days from site visit

10 days

3 - 5 days

1 year

Do it
yourself (DIY)

10 days +

10 days +

10 days +

3 - 10 days

No maintenace plan

5 minutes

2 days from site visit

1 - 2 days

3 - 5 days


Switch to solar in 5 Easy Steps. Get started within minutes and get a no-obligation solar quote based on your specific needs. Enjoy energy freedom by going solar.

Get started within minutes.

Energy independence and solar savings in 5 easy steps:

Generate an instant proposal

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Get matched with a provider

Step 2

Final design and financing

Step 3

Installation & quality control

Step 4

All-inclusive maintenance plan

Step 5

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Hohm is an online software platform and marketplace that connects you with customers in the market. Speak with us about how to become involved.

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