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We work with credit unions, retail banks, mortgage brokers and originators to introduce their customers & staff to solar opportunities.

Partnering with us means that you benefit from: 

End-to-End campaign management reporting.

Scale easily with Hohm's digital platform.

Best priced solar solutions from leading OEM’s, vetted solar installers & professionals.

Unlock direct emission savings & align to ESG mandates.

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Total quality assurance

As a marketplace, we assure that our product suppliers and installers meet the highest standard of quality with our 5-star rating.

Built for any enterprise partner.

Our solar campaigns are designed and curated to achieve the objectives of our enterprise partners.
We manage the end to end requirements of a campaign to ensure a streamlined as painless process for you and your customers.Our enterprise partner offering covers:

Credit unions, retail banks, mortgage brokers and originators

Prop-tech, fintech and other tech startups

Utilities, energy retailers and network operators

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